Welcome to DJM Dealers, Inc.

Welcoming All Commercial and Residential Landscapers!

DJM Dealers is a proud family owned business that has been dedicated to serving Sullivan County residents since 1999. DJM Dealers was established to add additional services to TBR Excavating & Construction which has been in business for over 50 years and 3 generations.

What DJM Dealers offers:

DJM Dealers offers extensive knowledge, 1 on 1 customer service, and ability to deliver all of your purchased materials which no chain store can offer. Plus, we work hand-in-hand with almost all the established businesses in the area. We are open from early spring to late fall each year, and we welcome both landscapers and homeowners. Whether you need a quote or assistance on redoing that stone driveway, or what materials you'll need to build that beautiful retaining wall you have always wanted, we can help. DJM Dealers offers the personal experience that you'll never get from a large department store, and that's a guarantee! Best of all we compete, so come check out our great prices and our wonderful selection of landscaping materials. We have everything you will need to have to shape up your house's exterior! Just remember DJM Dealers has one of the largest assortment of materials, anything and everything, from decorative gravels to white beach sand. Please feel free to stop by or call us at (845) 295-6984, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on our products and services.

Decorative Gravels and other standard Gravels that are found at DJM Dealers:

Our decorative gravels come in the following colors, and are classified as either crushed or smooth stones: 3/8 inch red , 3/4 inch red , 3/4 inch yellow , 3/8 inch blue , 3/4 inch blue , 3/8 inch salt & pepper (mixed blend) , 3/4 inch salt & pepper (mixed blend) , 3/8 inch pea stone , 3/4 inch pea stone , 3/4 inch marble white , 3/4 inch jade(green) , 3/4 inch victorian pink , 3/4 inch timberlite . These decorative colors usually come in two different sizes - a 3/8 inch and 3/4 inch. We have other gravels that are not necessarily decorative, but surely can be use for landscaping as well and come in a variety of shapes and sizes: 2 inch river stone , 2-3 inch blended blue stone , 3-4 inch blended blue stone , 5-6+ inch blended blue stone , 3-4-5 inch blended Pea Stone , fine crusher run , standard crusher run . These are commonly used for driveways, drainage, rock gardens, and/or other areas fitting.

Mulches that are found at DJM Dealers:

Our decorative mulches come in a variety of colors: fine red , deep red , cedar red , standard red , brown , black , blue . Make sure to call us first, because we can't always guarantee the mulch manufacturers will be producing a certain color each year.

Sands that are found at DJM Dealers:

We sell the top of the line sands including the fine white beach sand that comes right from the Jersey shore! But if your just looking for the masonry sand for a solid base under those pavers we sell that too: mason sand , concrete sand *TODO* , fine tan sand *TODO* , fine white beach sand *TODO* . We find that most customers use our standard sands for mixing with cement or as the top layer material for easement sake, usually when trying to set our pavers. In some other cases, customers use the fine white sand to create beach fronts on lake fronts or sandboxes.

Topsoil and other dirt materials that are found at DJM Dealers:

We sell high quality screened topsoil that comes straight from the farms. It's very heavy with nutrients and has excellent vegetation growth rates. The topsoil is screened by a special machine that removes rocks and large pebbles. We also do sell topsoil unscreened for a discounted price, but it is hard to work with if you are planning on using for new lawn areas or for any top layer area. We recommend sticking with the screened topsoil. Unscreened is best used for filling large holes or for lower layers of your project areas. We occasionally sell fill, but do not stock pile it, so please call us to find out if we have fill available. Fill contains mostly rocks mixed with a blend of sand or dirt sustenance's. The topsoil's are listed as: screened topsoil *TODO* , unscreened topsoil *TODO* , fill mixture *TODO* . Please be aware that the screening process takes place on site and occasionally may be unavailable in unpredictable weather. Please call ahead if you know you'll need a few yards at a time.


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